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Web Design, SEO, Social Media & Everything Digital

Low Risk SEO Plan, High Value, Pay on Results
All our members get our Social Media Management package. While Social Media is related to SEO, it's usually a separate endeavour. While you may be waiting a while for the success of certain keywords in Search Engine results, you can enjoy instant traffic from your Social Media audience as we keep them engaged.

Our SEO plans all work the same. The Membership level that you subscribe to will determine how much Social Media activity you'll get. Other than that, the SEO itself is paid on performance of your selected keywords.

The work we do for each keyword is FREE until they rank above position 30 then you pay on a per keyword basis as follows...

Low Competition Keywords

Rank 21-29 £5
Rank 11-20 £15
Rank 5-10 £30
Rank 1-4 £50

Medium Competition Keywords

Rank 21-29 £10
Rank 11-20 £25
Rank 5-10 £60
Rank 1-4 £100

High Competition Keywords

Rank 21-29 £20
Rank 11-20 £50
Rank 5-10 £120
Rank 1-4 £200

Tons of SEO

Due to the fact the we are paid upon performance according to your keyword ranks, it's in our interest to always go the extra mile and do our best job. You may give us as many or as few keywords as you would like. Control your spending by the number of keywords you commission us to work with and their competition level. Not sure what keywords to choose? Don't worry, we can advise you.

Social Media Management

Every Membership level (except for the yearly membership) includes Social Media Management. The amount you get depends on the package you choose - Bronze, Silver or Gold. Our Social Media Management will not only get you some High Authority links back to your site but it will also engage your audience and get you traffic immediately so that you have that extra source of traffic and traffic while you wait a while for the SEO work to take effect.
Monthly Reporting
While a member at SEO ROI, you'll never be in the dark. Each and every month, you'll recieve a report that will tell you where your keywords rank in Google, your backlinks, website healthcheck and much more insiteful information.
Web Design - The way you want it and the way you need it!
Our web design options are very flexible.  We cater for every budget and every need so that nobody is excluded on the basis of price.

​After your premium design is complete, depending on the option you have chosen, you can choose to take it away with you to your own hosting provider or you can choose our "Fully Managed Service" where we will look after your website for you and make the alterations and updates for you whenever you like - unlimited!

Don't let your Website be an Orphan!

Websites are no good when they are made and then left to "rot".  Don't let your website be an orphan but feed and water it with SEO.  While we will offer you web design with no strings attached that you can work with as you choose, we believe strongly that a stunning website alone will do you no favours!  Why does anyone have a website in the first place?  To get sales or leads right?  To achieve this, you must be found by your target audience.

We encourage all our customers to take out a Membership Subscription so that your website will gain Domain Authority and Page Ranks. Of course if you prefer you can risk your money by paying an overpriced SEO agency for a fixed fee and no guarantees.

Self Managed

Get a premium website according to how you want it fully on-page optimised. Then we deliver it to you for you to host with whoever you want.

Fully Managed

Get your domain name, hosting and SSL along with your custom website design. We will monitor and look after your website for you. You can have unlimited updates and edits - simple ask anytime. You never need to "get your hands dirty"
Fully Managed with ongoing SEO
Have a custom premium website according to your needs and desires, fully managed plus you get our "Gold" membership package where all your SEO and Social Media is taken care of. The only additional payments are when your chosen keywords rank higher than position 30 on google.
a la Carte Digital Services - Powerful Add-Ons - Pick n Mix
Coming VERY Soon! Watch this space!

Subsidised Pricing for ALL Add-on Services

Some website owners want to take their business to the next level and get more than SEO and Social Media Management. We have a range of additional and optional add-on services that are a la carte - pick what you want. SEO ROI offer these services at a discount.

SEO Boost

Our Add-On Services, while they are not part of our normal SEO activity have a great effect upon SEO. Build your activity over time and watch your Domain Authority & Page Rank sour!
Whether you purchase a one off activity or a service that entails a month to month activity, you'll always get a report. So you are never left wondering.

In a Nut Shell...

Pay a massively subsidised price for your Social Media Management/Marketing
We give you the value of £500 - £1000 per month of SEO for completely FREE for which you pay for on results only!
Get me started! i can't wait!